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HOUSE CANCELED! “Goodbye my friend it’s hard to die, when all the birds are singing in the sky”

9 Feb

I’ve been pleading for this day to come; as a [H]OUSE fan who has seen the show slowly suffer a long and painful death, I’ve prayed for the TV gods to come and take it out of its misery already. Much like the feeling we have grown accustomed to, having had to endure 8 years of seeing Dr. Gregory House overdosing, inserting knifes into light sockets, jumping out of balconies, and so much worse. This show is just utterly painful in every sense of the word, and I wouldn’t have loved it any other way. We have seen someone we have come to love, suffer and self-destruct, and in that way, we have come to understand that there’s people that can’t be saved, that for some people there’s just sadness. And like Olivia wilde said, referring to the show’s end, “shows like that don’t happen… ever”. So as I inform and confirm that House MD has been cancelled and will end in may, though I sad, I’m also happy and thankful for what the show has given me, and for the creators to have decided to pull the plug, and let that sinking ship out of its misery.

Calling it a ‘creative decision’, the producers of [H]OUSE MD have publicly informed us of the show’s cancelation. The news has travelled the whole world in a matter of hours, and not surprisingly, since it’s the most watched show in the world at the moment, and Hugh Laurie is the highest paid tv leading man. For all of those who have kept informed, it’s not a surprise that the show is ending, we’ve been waiting for the news for a few months now and (at least me), had wanted for the news to come sooner rather than later, so that they can give House a proper exit.

There is so much I could say about this but, since news can be read anywhere, and I can even link you to a page with all of the press statements and all of the messages from the actors and creators talking about the wonderful ride that has been the show; I would like to talk from my heart here, because I have seriously been moved deeply by this show. So here it goes:

I’m a visual artist (or aspiring to be one), I work and study cinematography, film, and just audiovisual language, that is what I love. I am in love with tv, and all it gives us. I have even started piling up information for an investigation on the ‘cinematographical’ value of television shows, since at least in my country, television is not seen as something valued by our colleagues. Art is what moves us, it is a flush of emotions created in the viewer by the piece. On top of that, the art of telling stories allows us to discover ourselves in recognizing a shared humanity, we live vicariously by made up characters and learn something insightful and inspirational about ourselves. This can be done with drama, thrillers, comedy and anything you can think of. All stories are valuable, all stories are art, all stories allow us to feel, and share, and be inspired. I find inspiration in so many places.

So, to come back to House; I just said all of this maybe to justify myself, or maybe just to try and not feel so lame as I talk. I have often wondered how House MD can be the most watched show around the world. As much as I love it, I would have never guessed that a rude, drug-addicted, miserable, caustic misanthrope would appeal to that many people, and I think here lies the value of the show. It is new and fresh and made a unknowing world look deeper; understand and recognize and empathize with a part of ourselves we don’t normally think about, we don’t like to think about. Our pain, our hurt, our stupidity!, our lies, our wrongdoings, and our eternal search, above all of that, for something to keep us alive, for something that doesn’t make us feel like we are shit.

And I also think I might be right about this if we think about the fact that this show is incredibly popular just about anywhere but England. We all now Hugh Laurie is british and he has always stated that he is actually pleased by the fact that he can go home and not be harassed by running horde of people, like it happens in everywhere else. We also know that Greg House is based on Sherlock Holmes. So, I actually think that the ‘not success’ of the show in England might be due to British upbringing. I have said before that it is well established that British film, tv and comedy has been marked by a sarcastic, misanthropic, self-deprecating nature. They grew up with the stories of the original Sherlock Holmes to think about; so maybe Dr. House is not something new, it is probably seen as a superficial commercial hoax of things they have already seen, already read, already known.  THIS IS ALL MY VERY IGNORANT SUPOSITION, AND IT IS QUITE POSSIBLE THAT I AM WAY OUT OF PLACE BY SAYING ANY OF THIS, but it’s what I have come to think. SOOOOO, anyway, all of this is to keep saying the same thing, that at least for me, but I think I’m not alone, this show made us see things in a new perspective, not before seen in our Americanized television sets. This show came at a point in my life where I was in discomfort and I couldn’t really understand what about. This show gave me words, gave me company, made me feel bad but at the same time made me feel better. It came as what we call in Spanish a “modelo de vida”, which maybe means like a example of life, as something to think about; not only from the main character’s point of view but as a study of human nature from every angle, from every interaction and dissection done on 177 hours of television. For me, it was almost never a sad experience to sit and watch House, it was somewhat of a way to feel, a way to see things when you want to be better.

BE BETTER. I think that’s what the show was all about: House wanting and not wanting to be better, his fight for it. And my sad broody self would think it would be a marvelous end to everything if he ended like the lost soul he is, and I don’t think that’s all bad. I think we need to come to understand that not all people get saved, not all people learn to deal with reality and overcome life’s potholes in the road; and I think it shows that at the end it’s up to us, if we let ourselves get washed by it, or if there is something we need to change, something for which we need to fight stronger, fight better.

So to end this post, I want to just talk about a nice thought I had on the series finale. I was hearing one of the songs on Pink Floyd’s The Wall the other day, ‘Nobody Home’, and one of the phrases got me thinking actually about the end of the show: ‘I’ve got a grand piano to prop-up my mortal remains’. Got me thinking of House as a little boy, as we have heard him talk about, about wanting and wishing and having been deprived as a kid, made feel unworthy, and about the character as someone with so much to offer, that got kicked when he is down by life. About him saying he has no material belongings that he cherishes apart from his piano. The song talks about someone who wants better, who wants to do and be and it seems like life has just given him no room to be. Again, it talks about a feeling most people will come to experience at some point in life, and, in a innocence that seems to be narrated by a lost boy, the song names some of this guy’s material belongings, the little crap he values deeply, and one of those few things is his piano, “a grand piano to prop up my mortal remains”. And isn’t that a beautiful image? I think it is an amazing image, for House to climb up to that piano and just lie down and die. :S too awful? But what do I know? The other part of me, the really girly part, wants Cuddy to come back, tell him she forgives him and for them to ride out onto the sunset (in his bike) together. So what do I know?



6 Feb


HEY! Im actually not a Football fan but I do always enjoy the great display of creativity shown on the amazing parade of SUPERBOWL COMMERCIALS. This is not mine, im just sharing the link for TVLINE’s post on the best and worst commercials today.

And now, because I obviously cant help my self, a HOUSE superbowl commercial from last year…. a spoof of the classic Mean Joe Green Coke ad

aaaaand the original:

HOUSE MD the good, the bad and the UGLY of season 8…. HOUSE’s got a gun!…a REAL one

3 Dec

I know I’ve been lacking the reviews on the HOUSE episodes, but I’ve had work, and university, and family issues, and a sick dog and so on…. so anyway, here it is, I will review the last three episodes, making an overview of my opinion on them, without too much specification, since they happened more than 2 weeks ago.


The episodes where called “Parents”, “Dead and Buried” and “Perils of Paranoia”. So, the first thing I must say is that they have been getting more and more interesting as the season’s been developing. That meaning I think they have been entertaining. But before I go further into that, I will talk about all the things that keep bothering me and that have also become more evident in this last few episodes.


First, HAVE YOU NOTICED THAT THE INITIAL SYMPTOMS OF THE PATIENTS HAVE GONE FROM for example – THE BODY SENDING OUT INVOLUTARY ELECTRIC SHOCKS – TO JUST ABOUT ANYTHING BEYOND THE SNIFFLES . Im not saying that the patients in the latest episodes have not been seriously sick, but it seems to me like they are just taking any patient in and as the episode develops, their sicknesses become weirder. I mean, all of us HOUSE followers know that House doesn’t take a case to help someone in trouble; he takes cases that are a puzzle, that have no answer and that are not progressing as they should. But lately, they get patients with numb hands, bloody urine or migraines, who just happen to get worse once being treated by the team. So here I want to point a good thing that I saw in the last episode: in “Perils of Paranoia” they actually developed the initial symptoms of the patient, making it so House would be interested in it because all else has been ruled out by previous doctors. It’s as if the writers are perfectly aware of what they’re lacking and doing wrong, and they take each thing and try to address it in an episode.


-Im sorry, I know im all over the place today, but I have a lot to say and its all tangled up in my head- Concerning my last statement, I just mean that there are a lot of problems going on in that show and what bothers me the most is that I feel like everything’s planted. Like the stories all seem forced. Like they know what they are missing and are just trying too hard to give us what we want. But hey, can you imagine what it can be to have thought already almost 200 hours of teleplays, where you have to have an interesting unknown medical case that has to progress differently in each episode so as not to repeat yourself, and on top of that, you have to make the most complicated character ever, who doesnt like change, who doesn’t want to help himself, and make him actually DO new things all of the time. It must be awfully hard. So I don’t judge – well I do judge but I also try to understand- the thing is that in my opinion, if you cant to it well any longer, then dont do it at all. I ask you all to go to 10′:40” in this videoclip and listen to what Hugh Laurie says.

I think this is all we need to know, everyone is tired and if it is being said so out in the open then we should all really accept that this isn’t going anywhere but down, and they should probably use all their energy into making an awesome season and a great series finally and call it quits. INFORMATION ON HOUSE MD ENDING THIS SEASON WILL BE FURTHER DEVELOPED IN ANOTHER POST.


So going on, if there is something that has been bothering me quite a lot in these past episodes it is that everything is perfectly planned. It is awful: A case comes in that makes you evaluate parents so then everybody starts talking about dysfunctional parenting, Taub has to deal with the same theme concerning his two babies, and so on. And you can say whatever you want, but it wasn’t like that before and I can prove it if needed. They say that in storytelling, the story should develop by actions and putting up obstacles that need to be overcome, and that at the end, the final result should be a meaningful idea, enlightening even for the writer; if the writer knows what the powerful meaning at the end will be before the story lays out, then the audience will feel it as something planned, set up, as a SERMON, and that is exactly what has been going on.


Now, THE CLINIC! Yes, I was initially happy that the clinic came back, until I noticed that it has come back in much the same way as all I’ve been talking about. Yes, they were probably tired of reading hundreds of reviews saying that it was sad that the clinic had disappeared, so they decided to bring it back, in things that have no relevance what so ever to anything that is going on in any way, and has just been a way for us to see House being not only rude but disrespectful for no reason. Again, I can quote evidence if needed, I know House is a rude guy who has no problem in telling people off and pointing out their ‘stupidity’; and it is always so that apart from being rude, the only times House is actually disrespectful is when someone acts STUPID (by his criteria) or when he is so into a case that it just comes out. I have been outraged by the way the writers have made House act in this past episodes with some patients which I find hurtful and out of character. I know that jokes on fat and ugly people make the masses laugh and enjoy themselves in their own superficiality and feel better about their own insecurities (yes! im ANGRY) but it pisses me off that this show has downgraded itself to those sad pathetic jokes.


Check out minute 33:36, when he is in the clinic with the guy who thinks he has diabetes

HOUSE MD parents


And here, from 11:55 to just about 13:50, his dismissing of patients based on looks.

HOUSE MD perils of paranoia


Anyhow, it just bothers me. And to wrap this up because it has been going on for way to long, besides all this things that bother me, I do think that they have been getting “funner”. The cases have been intriguing and the relationship between House and Wilson has been beautiful.


A lot to see on TV last week… HOUSE, COMMUNITY, HIMYM

14 Nov

Hello everybody. Today’s Monday and I think last week closed with a pretty good tv round up. Here are some things I recommend:

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I think that last week’s episode of How I Met Your Mother was the best this season. I had been thinking it had been a slow and awkward start to this season with Barney’s weird and out-of-nowhere love story with Nora, Kal Penn’s recurring role as Robin’s shrink and boyfriend, and the appearance of Katie Holmes on the Halloween episode. Really, the only thing I had enjoyed witnessing was the ducky tie that Barney had been forced to wear for a year because of a lost bet. Anyway, last week’s episode was great; it was told in three different time periods, as masterfully as only HIMYM can, with, obviously, old Ted telling his kids the story in the future, the gang discussing boogie boarding and ducky ties, and narrating a past event in the present, and the flashback to said event, a couple of months in the past. At the end of the day, it was not only a funny episode but also a cute one, with a nice, touchy story that didn’t go overboard on sappiness (which this show can sometimes go far too on). BTW, IMPORTANT course changing event at the end!! Beware!!

Community once again had a very strong episode, with the group all -except Jeff- helping Annie move in with Troy an Abed. At the same time, Jeff is being blackmailed by the dean to spend time with him on exchange on him not telling the group that he was faking sickness to avoid helping out. Trouble ensures, when Pierce is left alone on Annie’s old apartment and is electrocuted by his own stupidity. Back in the new house, Annie is quickly regretting her decision upon witnessing Troy and Abed’s weird antics first hand at such a close distance.

Aaaaand, the HOUSE episode wasn’t that bad! I know I’ve said that before so I don’t want to assume anything or get my hopes up with this, but I should recognize that it was a bit more entertaining. Taub and Chase are back! and they prove they were very missed. They bring some life back onto the show! A better dynamic and they push buttons only they can. I have never been happy with the extra attention given to Taub’s love life and, don’t get me wrong, I love his funny witted interesting character, but enough is enough. None the less, his twin paternity debacle was fun to watch. On the other hand, Chase was at his best last week, defiant and dedicated, and had a big part on solving the case. THE CASE! This week’s sick person was actually sick and had something at least relevant to chip in to the episode, which is a first for this season I think. All in all, as I say, I don’t want to give a lot of flare to this, but it was a nice episode. Consider this my HOUSE  review of the week, since I am still not satisfied enough to write more than this about it.

AND LAST… are you watching the x-factor? I am NEVER satisfied with what happens in singing competitions, but I keep watching them, cause I still enjoy watching the talent you get to see in them. This week was the third live show, and second public elimination of the top 12. The performances where really good this week and I just want to take the time to say that Rachel Crow, the little 12 year old girl (not completely sure about the age) is just amazing!!! I will later post some clips of the top performers.

HOUSE MD… is this what it’s all come down to?

8 Nov


Seriously? Is this what its all come down to? Writers sit around in the cafeteria, doing some smalltalk during dinner, saying “hey, is it good to be patriotic? – I don’t know, why don’t we create a character, make a crapy episode of a show that costs millions of dollars to make, to develop the question and then we can settle our argument?”. In this video, the writer of “Risky Business”, the Halloween week episode of House, talks for 6 minutes about really how easy it is to get a job as a writer for a mayor television show. Forget about any kind of theory, process or thought, he just bluntly accepts that this episode was about creating a character that made us (supposedly) wonder about patriotism, watching Forman being bossy, and putting a lab coat on Adam’s back (yesss I finally remembered her name!… now I probably think those reading maybe still don’t know who I’m talking about so let’s remember her as we use to refer to her: hot young female prison doctor) because she has a lab coat on in next week’s episode.

So all in all, I just wanted to share this with everyone because it pisses me off. I mean, I know the show’s going down the drain but if you can’t say anything to make your work look at least decent, then maybe don’t agree to the interview! This video is just proof of things I’ve been talking about: it is clear that the writers are worn out and don’t know where to go. They are not even doing some failed attempts of creating something good; they have just given up on attempting anything.

HOUSE MD … im not going to review this week’s episode! RISKY BUSINESS

7 Nov

Hey! Sorry I’ve been avoiding reviewing last week’s episode of House, “Risky Business”, but I just haven’t felt up to it. I disliked it so much! No, actually, I think it has gotten worse, it’s gone past the possibility of me saying I didn’t like it and then saying why, to a point where I don’t even feel like there is anything -good or bad- to say about it. This show makes me physically hurt because I love it and its character so much, and seeing what its turning into is driving me crazy. I’ve made comments on some other people’s reviews so now whenever someone writes in them I get email notification and it is so terrible to receive daily mails of people trashing the show so much! I haven’t received one possitive comment so far and even though I completely agree, it makes me incredibly sad!


So anyway, I’m not really going to talk about the last episode cause I would have to think very hard to remember anything worthy of mentioning, aaand, even if I do find something to say, it won’t be good. I would just like to take this moment to say that HOUSE MD is -in my humble opinion- probably the best series that television has given us and that even though we are now seeing a dying man’s last breaths, we should remember it for all its given us. As soon as I finish the CSI best episodes countdown (which I promise will be very soon) I’ll do one for HOUSE, hoping maybe someone reading it may decide to watch -or rewatch- them and remember the good stuff 😀


HOUSE: would Van Gogh be satisfied painting houses instead of the Starry Night?

2 Nov


Dr. Nolan: You think that by taking meds you’ll lose your edge? Stop making the unique connections that make you a successful doctor?

House: If Van Gogh was your patient, he’d be satisfied painting houses instead of the Starry Night?

Dr. Nolan: Van Gogh would still be making inspired paintings of the night sky, just maybe not from the room of his asylum.

House: You don’t know that.

Dr. Nolan: I know both his ears would be intact. And I know his life would be better.

REVIEW! HOUSE MD 8×03 charity case

19 Oct

I know I’ve promised short House reviews in the past and haven’t delivered; buuut, I assure you, this one will be short. Why? The first reason is that I don’t have that much to say about it; the second reason is that I’ve had a hectic week and don’t have much time.

This week’s episode marked House’s official comeback. So, the new girl, Park, is working with him, and he has also conned the prison doctor into coming to help out with the case. At the same time, he’s been stalking 13 into coming back. The three girls all work with him to solve the case of an overly altruistic guy who is giving away money and free kidneys! In a very Houseian style, the good doctor is convinced that this is a sign of disease. Aside from that, House works in the clinic for a little while (it’s good to see it).

Last important part to know, all the girls are having their own troubles during the case. Park is having an ongoing discussion with the ex-prison-doctor over the importance of selfless acts. The ex-prison-doctor (YES, I admit I haven’t learned her name and am not even taking the time to look it up) …. CUTE ex- prison- doctor…  is coming to terms with the very idea of working with House and his methods (as expected), and 13 is debating with herself throughout the whole thing if she should actually come back or not. It’s no secret that Olivia Wilde left the show this week, but I won’t ruin the bit of surprise left for those who haven’t seen it, by telling you how it happened. What I can say is that 13’s goodbye was the best thing in the episode (FOR ME). I thought it was real, truthful and meaningful without forgetting the nature of two very stubborn and closed up characters: House and 13.

Ok, so in general terms, I thought it was just a plain ol’ House episode; which I don’t necessarily see as a bad thing. There was a case that was ok, as some we have already seen. We saw a little bit of the clinic which is always nice; and we saw internal conflicts between House’s team. What was the matter with all that? That the case in the clinic could just as well have been replaced for a scene of a dog peeing on a bush… it had no relevance what so ever. Both the thing in the clinic and the case seemed like stuff we have seen before (remember the season 4 episode with the overly nice guy, or the clinic case of a while back of a mother who brought in her little girl for what she thought were seizures ¬¬) and that didn’t even leave anything new from them. They were just there. Why do I say it wasn’t that bad? Because in my opinion it at least shows they are trying to get back into familiar territory, and that may be a good sign.

So what does this all mean? That I’m still waiting for my wow moment. I keep saying I see hope and I just hope there will be some payoff at the end.

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18 Oct

This week’s episode of House (which I will later go on depth about) said goodbye to one of its most beloved characters. It’s true that we hadn’t been seeing much of thirteen lately –what with her big new movie career and stardom– but we still had some hope. Personally, 13 was a character I adored from the start, and I think she’s played a big part on keeping this show alive for a while now. So, sadly, today (or well, technically yesterday) marks yet another low blow for my favorite TV show of all time. I think the hole left by her character will make itself pretty evident with all the changes that have been going on, but all we can do is hope for the best for this – most probably and hopefully– last season of HOUSE MD.

LISA EDELSTEIN on leaving HOUSE and her gig on THE GOOD WIFE

17 Oct

(SOURCE: TV GUIDE http://www.tvguide.com/News/Lisa-Edelstein-House-Good-Wife-1038756.aspx)

After years of playing second fiddle to Hugh Laqurie‘s selfish, outspoken misanthrope on HouseLisa Edelstein is ready for have some similar fun of her own.

“I loved playing Cuddy for all this time, but I definitely wanted to shift out of that, because I’ve been playing this sort of repressed control freak for seven years,” she tells TVGuide.com. “I want to have a little bit of fun.”

Edelstein shocked House fans earlier this year when she announced she was hanging up her stethoscope after seven seasons — essentially leaving the complicated “Huddy” relationship unresolved. (The last fans saw of Cuddy was when House was driving his car into her dining room, so complicated may be an understatement). Now, just six months after her departure, Edelstein is already back on the small screen with a multi-episode arc on The Good Wife.

Check out all the familiar faces returning to TV this year

“They called me less than a week after I made the official announcement,” she says. “It made me feel like I — in taking care of myself — had made the right decision. I just really wanted to break the spell. I never intended on moving to The Good Wife permanently, but in terms of a next move and something to do to make myself feel good, this was a great opportunity.”

Although she had only seen a few episodes, Edelstein said knowing a lot of fans of the show (including her mother) helped convince her to pick the project as her first foray into the world outside Princeton-Plainsboro Hospital. “My mother is obsessed with it,” she says with a laugh. “I don’t watch that much television, but as soon as I decided to do it, I watched 48 episodes in a row in the span of a couple of days. I did my homework and it’s a great show.”

House‘s Lisa Edelstein heads to The Good Wife

It also helped that Edelstein had so many past ties to the cast and crew of The Good Wife. “I got on that set and I’m the new kid on the block, but the director who directed that particular episode directed four or five episodes of HouseJosh Charles and I worked together on Sports Night,Julianna [Margulies] and I worked on ERChristine [Baranski] and I worked together on Cybil,” she says. “I at no point felt like I was in unfamiliar territory.”

Still, Edelstein admits to a case of first-day jitters, something she says she enjoyed after becoming so familiar with Cuddy. “When you play the same character for a long time, you have a shorthand. You get onto the set, you put on your outfit and two-thirds of your work is done because you’ve built on that work for so many years,” she says. “When I got this job, I didn’t audition for it, so I didn’t know what they were thinking in their heads, only what we had talked about on the phone. So it was a risky, scary first day for me and I haven’t had that feeling in a long time.”

House star Hugh Laurie: Lisa Edelstein’s departure was “a great shock”

As for the role itself, Edelstein plays lawyer (and Will’s ex) Celeste Serrano, and she’s everything Cuddy wasn’t. Where Cuddy was “repressed” and tried to cure House of his many addictions, Celeste speaks her mind and is more than willing to try to pull Will back to his past vices, mainly gambling (except now with Cheerios instead of chips). “She really is his heroin dealer in that sense,” she says. “When people enjoy doing bad things, they usually do it with partners and when you lose that partner, you lose a very important relationship in your life. It feels like that’s her relationship with Will, and she wants it back. When she sees sparks of his wily ways, it turns her on and she wants it back.”

Celeste asked Will for a job at Lockhart Gardner last week. Does that mean his dealer is here to stay? Edelstein says she “probably will go back and do a few more” episodes beyond her initial three-episode arc (nothing is confirmed yet), but for now she’s focused on finding a more permanent gig, preferably one both in front of and behind the camera. “Mostly what I’m trying to do now — in terms of when I’m looking for more permanent places to go — is to be part of the creative team of something and be more participatory in the development of a show and be a producer,” she says. “It doesn’t mean I have to be No. 1 on the call sheet either; it just means that I want to use more of my brain.”

In the meantime, Edelstein still has to find a way to break it to House fans that Cuddy has really left the building. “It’s funny because not everybody knows that I left the show. I get a lot of ‘Congratulations! I’m so excited to watch the show again,’ and I just don’t say anything. I say thank you. They’ll figure it out at some point,” she says. “I just move on.”

The Good Wife airs Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.