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NURSE JACKIE… the bad part

1 Oct

I fairly enjoyed watching the show. It is funny and gives you constant things to think about, but I think much of the construction of the leading character is forced. Be it that the things we know about her history are not very interestingly placed or that there is really no spark in the intrigue of what we don’t know of her past, her bitter caustic self doesn’t seem that real (but maybe it’s just because I’m in love with Gregory House and don’t want anyone taking what’s his :D). By this I mean that I don’t find her present self a believable result of her past; at least from what we know in the first complete season… bear in mind that this is not a film but a television series that needs to be engaging and complete week to week; it is not practical to think that the answers to our concerns about plausibility will be answered in a year.

Also, her crappy back pain seems like some lame excuse for her taking the painkillers…(mocking tone) “oh oh, we have to do something different from what David Shore and those other guys did with that doctor.. I know! Let’s make her a nurse, that’s the complete opposite!! She loves helping people… well guess what, Dr. House is interesting precisely because he seems to not like helping but if you have watched the show for more than a few episodes you must know that he is a caring, concerned guy, too damaged to show it appropriately … and THAT contradiction is what makes the show fabulous”. BACK TO JACKIE, her being a caring nurse is just poorly thought through from a story point of view, and her back pain, though I understand it as a way of making her be addicted to painkillers because of her hard work and life more than a shitty situation (house), it still comes out as a sucky copy of something that worked.

I understand that things in repetition work, that cliché is good for the public and that if a formula works then by all means, keep doing it; but that doesn’t make it good. A good story tells the viewer something real, from the creators point of view, eeeeverything we think about telling (concerning subject matter) will already have been told by someone, a good story gives you a fresh original REAL take on a subject matter. When you just try to imitate a storyline that works it will not be fresh original nor REAL, it is not your story to tell so it will have no heart!


NURSE JACKIE… the good part

1 Oct

There is no reason for this being my first post here… it just is, don’t read anything into it. Nurse Jackie. What you need to know about it: It’s a show about a very good and hard working nurse in a hectic New York City hospital with somewhat a double life. The pilot leads us to believe she’s a caustic frenetic worker in a relationship with the hospital’s pharmacist, who also happens to be her provider for oxicodon, vicodin and other addictive painkillers. However, in a very Hollywood style twist, we later find out that she has a loving husband and two daughters, and has another whole life for herself there. At least for a long while, no one at her job knows she has a family, and no one in her family really has any connection to the hospital. The show presents us with this complicated character that has to balance all this different sides to her in an effort to maintain some kind of control; it’s life’s constant battle between our good and bad sides and how messed up it can be when you want to give everything of yourself to others, without actually being able to give anything up. At the same time, it gives us a lot of heartbreaking drama and presents us with a lot of morally debatable situations for those of us who really enjoy thinking when we watch tv.

On a side note: her best friend and confident, Dr. O’hara, is for me the most interesting character in the show.

Anyhooooow, for me PERSONALLY, it is not all good pertaining this show… I will later give you my extensive argument concerning the problems with the story construction of Nurse Jackie.