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HOUSE CANCELED! “Goodbye my friend it’s hard to die, when all the birds are singing in the sky”

9 Feb

I’ve been pleading for this day to come; as a [H]OUSE fan who has seen the show slowly suffer a long and painful death, I’ve prayed for the TV gods to come and take it out of its misery already. Much like the feeling we have grown accustomed to, having had to endure 8 years of seeing Dr. Gregory House overdosing, inserting knifes into light sockets, jumping out of balconies, and so much worse. This show is just utterly painful in every sense of the word, and I wouldn’t have loved it any other way. We have seen someone we have come to love, suffer and self-destruct, and in that way, we have come to understand that there’s people that can’t be saved, that for some people there’s just sadness. And like Olivia wilde said, referring to the show’s end, “shows like that don’t happen… ever”. So as I inform and confirm that House MD has been cancelled and will end in may, though I sad, I’m also happy and thankful for what the show has given me, and for the creators to have decided to pull the plug, and let that sinking ship out of its misery.

Calling it a ‘creative decision’, the producers of [H]OUSE MD have publicly informed us of the show’s cancelation. The news has travelled the whole world in a matter of hours, and not surprisingly, since it’s the most watched show in the world at the moment, and Hugh Laurie is the highest paid tv leading man. For all of those who have kept informed, it’s not a surprise that the show is ending, we’ve been waiting for the news for a few months now and (at least me), had wanted for the news to come sooner rather than later, so that they can give House a proper exit.

There is so much I could say about this but, since news can be read anywhere, and I can even link you to a page with all of the press statements and all of the messages from the actors and creators talking about the wonderful ride that has been the show; I would like to talk from my heart here, because I have seriously been moved deeply by this show. So here it goes:

I’m a visual artist (or aspiring to be one), I work and study cinematography, film, and just audiovisual language, that is what I love. I am in love with tv, and all it gives us. I have even started piling up information for an investigation on the ‘cinematographical’ value of television shows, since at least in my country, television is not seen as something valued by our colleagues. Art is what moves us, it is a flush of emotions created in the viewer by the piece. On top of that, the art of telling stories allows us to discover ourselves in recognizing a shared humanity, we live vicariously by made up characters and learn something insightful and inspirational about ourselves. This can be done with drama, thrillers, comedy and anything you can think of. All stories are valuable, all stories are art, all stories allow us to feel, and share, and be inspired. I find inspiration in so many places.

So, to come back to House; I just said all of this maybe to justify myself, or maybe just to try and not feel so lame as I talk. I have often wondered how House MD can be the most watched show around the world. As much as I love it, I would have never guessed that a rude, drug-addicted, miserable, caustic misanthrope would appeal to that many people, and I think here lies the value of the show. It is new and fresh and made a unknowing world look deeper; understand and recognize and empathize with a part of ourselves we don’t normally think about, we don’t like to think about. Our pain, our hurt, our stupidity!, our lies, our wrongdoings, and our eternal search, above all of that, for something to keep us alive, for something that doesn’t make us feel like we are shit.

And I also think I might be right about this if we think about the fact that this show is incredibly popular just about anywhere but England. We all now Hugh Laurie is british and he has always stated that he is actually pleased by the fact that he can go home and not be harassed by running horde of people, like it happens in everywhere else. We also know that Greg House is based on Sherlock Holmes. So, I actually think that the ‘not success’ of the show in England might be due to British upbringing. I have said before that it is well established that British film, tv and comedy has been marked by a sarcastic, misanthropic, self-deprecating nature. They grew up with the stories of the original Sherlock Holmes to think about; so maybe Dr. House is not something new, it is probably seen as a superficial commercial hoax of things they have already seen, already read, already known.  THIS IS ALL MY VERY IGNORANT SUPOSITION, AND IT IS QUITE POSSIBLE THAT I AM WAY OUT OF PLACE BY SAYING ANY OF THIS, but it’s what I have come to think. SOOOOO, anyway, all of this is to keep saying the same thing, that at least for me, but I think I’m not alone, this show made us see things in a new perspective, not before seen in our Americanized television sets. This show came at a point in my life where I was in discomfort and I couldn’t really understand what about. This show gave me words, gave me company, made me feel bad but at the same time made me feel better. It came as what we call in Spanish a “modelo de vida”, which maybe means like a example of life, as something to think about; not only from the main character’s point of view but as a study of human nature from every angle, from every interaction and dissection done on 177 hours of television. For me, it was almost never a sad experience to sit and watch House, it was somewhat of a way to feel, a way to see things when you want to be better.

BE BETTER. I think that’s what the show was all about: House wanting and not wanting to be better, his fight for it. And my sad broody self would think it would be a marvelous end to everything if he ended like the lost soul he is, and I don’t think that’s all bad. I think we need to come to understand that not all people get saved, not all people learn to deal with reality and overcome life’s potholes in the road; and I think it shows that at the end it’s up to us, if we let ourselves get washed by it, or if there is something we need to change, something for which we need to fight stronger, fight better.

So to end this post, I want to just talk about a nice thought I had on the series finale. I was hearing one of the songs on Pink Floyd’s The Wall the other day, ‘Nobody Home’, and one of the phrases got me thinking actually about the end of the show: ‘I’ve got a grand piano to prop-up my mortal remains’. Got me thinking of House as a little boy, as we have heard him talk about, about wanting and wishing and having been deprived as a kid, made feel unworthy, and about the character as someone with so much to offer, that got kicked when he is down by life. About him saying he has no material belongings that he cherishes apart from his piano. The song talks about someone who wants better, who wants to do and be and it seems like life has just given him no room to be. Again, it talks about a feeling most people will come to experience at some point in life, and, in a innocence that seems to be narrated by a lost boy, the song names some of this guy’s material belongings, the little crap he values deeply, and one of those few things is his piano, “a grand piano to prop up my mortal remains”. And isn’t that a beautiful image? I think it is an amazing image, for House to climb up to that piano and just lie down and die. :S too awful? But what do I know? The other part of me, the really girly part, wants Cuddy to come back, tell him she forgives him and for them to ride out onto the sunset (in his bike) together. So what do I know?


HOUSE MD the good, the bad and the UGLY of season 8…. HOUSE’s got a gun!…a REAL one

3 Dec

I know I’ve been lacking the reviews on the HOUSE episodes, but I’ve had work, and university, and family issues, and a sick dog and so on…. so anyway, here it is, I will review the last three episodes, making an overview of my opinion on them, without too much specification, since they happened more than 2 weeks ago.


The episodes where called “Parents”, “Dead and Buried” and “Perils of Paranoia”. So, the first thing I must say is that they have been getting more and more interesting as the season’s been developing. That meaning I think they have been entertaining. But before I go further into that, I will talk about all the things that keep bothering me and that have also become more evident in this last few episodes.


First, HAVE YOU NOTICED THAT THE INITIAL SYMPTOMS OF THE PATIENTS HAVE GONE FROM for example – THE BODY SENDING OUT INVOLUTARY ELECTRIC SHOCKS – TO JUST ABOUT ANYTHING BEYOND THE SNIFFLES . Im not saying that the patients in the latest episodes have not been seriously sick, but it seems to me like they are just taking any patient in and as the episode develops, their sicknesses become weirder. I mean, all of us HOUSE followers know that House doesn’t take a case to help someone in trouble; he takes cases that are a puzzle, that have no answer and that are not progressing as they should. But lately, they get patients with numb hands, bloody urine or migraines, who just happen to get worse once being treated by the team. So here I want to point a good thing that I saw in the last episode: in “Perils of Paranoia” they actually developed the initial symptoms of the patient, making it so House would be interested in it because all else has been ruled out by previous doctors. It’s as if the writers are perfectly aware of what they’re lacking and doing wrong, and they take each thing and try to address it in an episode.


-Im sorry, I know im all over the place today, but I have a lot to say and its all tangled up in my head- Concerning my last statement, I just mean that there are a lot of problems going on in that show and what bothers me the most is that I feel like everything’s planted. Like the stories all seem forced. Like they know what they are missing and are just trying too hard to give us what we want. But hey, can you imagine what it can be to have thought already almost 200 hours of teleplays, where you have to have an interesting unknown medical case that has to progress differently in each episode so as not to repeat yourself, and on top of that, you have to make the most complicated character ever, who doesnt like change, who doesn’t want to help himself, and make him actually DO new things all of the time. It must be awfully hard. So I don’t judge – well I do judge but I also try to understand- the thing is that in my opinion, if you cant to it well any longer, then dont do it at all. I ask you all to go to 10′:40” in this videoclip and listen to what Hugh Laurie says.

I think this is all we need to know, everyone is tired and if it is being said so out in the open then we should all really accept that this isn’t going anywhere but down, and they should probably use all their energy into making an awesome season and a great series finally and call it quits. INFORMATION ON HOUSE MD ENDING THIS SEASON WILL BE FURTHER DEVELOPED IN ANOTHER POST.


So going on, if there is something that has been bothering me quite a lot in these past episodes it is that everything is perfectly planned. It is awful: A case comes in that makes you evaluate parents so then everybody starts talking about dysfunctional parenting, Taub has to deal with the same theme concerning his two babies, and so on. And you can say whatever you want, but it wasn’t like that before and I can prove it if needed. They say that in storytelling, the story should develop by actions and putting up obstacles that need to be overcome, and that at the end, the final result should be a meaningful idea, enlightening even for the writer; if the writer knows what the powerful meaning at the end will be before the story lays out, then the audience will feel it as something planned, set up, as a SERMON, and that is exactly what has been going on.


Now, THE CLINIC! Yes, I was initially happy that the clinic came back, until I noticed that it has come back in much the same way as all I’ve been talking about. Yes, they were probably tired of reading hundreds of reviews saying that it was sad that the clinic had disappeared, so they decided to bring it back, in things that have no relevance what so ever to anything that is going on in any way, and has just been a way for us to see House being not only rude but disrespectful for no reason. Again, I can quote evidence if needed, I know House is a rude guy who has no problem in telling people off and pointing out their ‘stupidity’; and it is always so that apart from being rude, the only times House is actually disrespectful is when someone acts STUPID (by his criteria) or when he is so into a case that it just comes out. I have been outraged by the way the writers have made House act in this past episodes with some patients which I find hurtful and out of character. I know that jokes on fat and ugly people make the masses laugh and enjoy themselves in their own superficiality and feel better about their own insecurities (yes! im ANGRY) but it pisses me off that this show has downgraded itself to those sad pathetic jokes.


Check out minute 33:36, when he is in the clinic with the guy who thinks he has diabetes

HOUSE MD parents


And here, from 11:55 to just about 13:50, his dismissing of patients based on looks.

HOUSE MD perils of paranoia


Anyhow, it just bothers me. And to wrap this up because it has been going on for way to long, besides all this things that bother me, I do think that they have been getting “funner”. The cases have been intriguing and the relationship between House and Wilson has been beautiful.


HOUSE MD… is this what it’s all come down to?

8 Nov


Seriously? Is this what its all come down to? Writers sit around in the cafeteria, doing some smalltalk during dinner, saying “hey, is it good to be patriotic? – I don’t know, why don’t we create a character, make a crapy episode of a show that costs millions of dollars to make, to develop the question and then we can settle our argument?”. In this video, the writer of “Risky Business”, the Halloween week episode of House, talks for 6 minutes about really how easy it is to get a job as a writer for a mayor television show. Forget about any kind of theory, process or thought, he just bluntly accepts that this episode was about creating a character that made us (supposedly) wonder about patriotism, watching Forman being bossy, and putting a lab coat on Adam’s back (yesss I finally remembered her name!… now I probably think those reading maybe still don’t know who I’m talking about so let’s remember her as we use to refer to her: hot young female prison doctor) because she has a lab coat on in next week’s episode.

So all in all, I just wanted to share this with everyone because it pisses me off. I mean, I know the show’s going down the drain but if you can’t say anything to make your work look at least decent, then maybe don’t agree to the interview! This video is just proof of things I’ve been talking about: it is clear that the writers are worn out and don’t know where to go. They are not even doing some failed attempts of creating something good; they have just given up on attempting anything.

HOUSE MD … im not going to review this week’s episode! RISKY BUSINESS

7 Nov

Hey! Sorry I’ve been avoiding reviewing last week’s episode of House, “Risky Business”, but I just haven’t felt up to it. I disliked it so much! No, actually, I think it has gotten worse, it’s gone past the possibility of me saying I didn’t like it and then saying why, to a point where I don’t even feel like there is anything -good or bad- to say about it. This show makes me physically hurt because I love it and its character so much, and seeing what its turning into is driving me crazy. I’ve made comments on some other people’s reviews so now whenever someone writes in them I get email notification and it is so terrible to receive daily mails of people trashing the show so much! I haven’t received one possitive comment so far and even though I completely agree, it makes me incredibly sad!


So anyway, I’m not really going to talk about the last episode cause I would have to think very hard to remember anything worthy of mentioning, aaand, even if I do find something to say, it won’t be good. I would just like to take this moment to say that HOUSE MD is -in my humble opinion- probably the best series that television has given us and that even though we are now seeing a dying man’s last breaths, we should remember it for all its given us. As soon as I finish the CSI best episodes countdown (which I promise will be very soon) I’ll do one for HOUSE, hoping maybe someone reading it may decide to watch -or rewatch- them and remember the good stuff 😀


HOUSE: would Van Gogh be satisfied painting houses instead of the Starry Night?

2 Nov


Dr. Nolan: You think that by taking meds you’ll lose your edge? Stop making the unique connections that make you a successful doctor?

House: If Van Gogh was your patient, he’d be satisfied painting houses instead of the Starry Night?

Dr. Nolan: Van Gogh would still be making inspired paintings of the night sky, just maybe not from the room of his asylum.

House: You don’t know that.

Dr. Nolan: I know both his ears would be intact. And I know his life would be better.

A STUDY IN premeditated COINCIDENCES… House & Holmes

2 Oct

There is so much for me to say about the show after watching all of its 177 episodes a few times, that I am not sure where to start and how to follow. I think I’ll continue with some info on the whole Gregory House / Sherlock Holes thing. It is a QI (quite interesting) fact ¬¬ that not only is House based on Holmes, but that his name is actually homage to his British counterpart too. You see it? House… Home… well it is! Not making it up… If you still think I am, please refer yourself to the picture below; see beyond the bad ID photograph and the birthday, to see the infamous Baker Street address wedged in there. Also, James Wilson is obviously named after John Watson too. The case on the pilot is about a woman named Rebecca Adler, in reference to Sherlock’s Irene Adler…. And so on… It reinforces the whole thing about treating patients as cases, medicine as a series of mysteries to solve.

And the similarities are not only in the work field. They both have this cold, intellectual wall erected in front of them, distancing themselves from relationships, feelings and emotional turmoil. Their arrogance is well known and their keen observational skills allow them to read people and situations with an almost superhuman ability. Even though they are not comfortable with social situations, they have no problem being out there, there is no shyness in them. Life bores them to death, which is why their cases are so important to them; because without them, there is nothing worth doing. Both Sherlock and House find people interesting in a purely clinical way; Sherlock’s interest in reading the agony columns of the newspapers reflects in House’s love for the mundane soap operas. For different reasons they got hooked on drugs, but for both of them it is a way to clear all other things out of their mind so they can focus and function on their field; music plays the same role.

But beyond this, House is not merely a recount of the Sherlock Holmes chronicles. Though used as inspiration, House is his own character beyond Sherlock, and the show’s theme and meaning go beyond that. It is not a methodical procedural show (so common these days), it is a true insight into a troubled man’s soul that enables us to question our moral and emotional grounds through House’s  intimate, personal and professional relationships. Beyond a sharp, caustic, asocial scientist, there is a soul that has been so worn down by life that it is just barely hanging on to hope.

HOUSE MD 101 for beginners

2 Oct

I will now start with the first post on the category of “weekly reviews”, and I think I couldn’t start with anything else but House MD. I just love that show so much. And don’t get me wrong, I think there are a lot of ‘not so good things’ going on with it, but if I see it as a whole, it is still amazing.

So, to start, for those not that familiar with the show: It’s about a guy named Gregory House, world renowned diagnostician, famous doctor who can cure people no one can cure. The whole thing of the show is to treat patients as cases, medicine as mysteries to solve (Sherlock Holmes… will talk about that later). Anyway, House is a miserable, selfish, narcissist ass who treats everyone like shit but is incredibly smart and almost always right. He does whatever he wants in the hospital, he barely works. His sole interest is solving his cases, he only tends to people that he finds interesting and doesn’t show any concern or remorse. The importance for him is the outcome, the thrill of the mystery. OR SO HE SAYS… The thing is that he actually does try to do the right thing… the brilliance of the show lies in that he is a guy that believes the right thing should be done above everything else (he just also happens to believe that the right thing is the same as always being right), above securing his job, his reputation, his freedom, his health and his own happiness.

So that’s the start…

ooooh right!!! I forgot like the tiniest detail: he had an infarction in his leg 5 years prior to the start of the show, which left him with chronic pain and limited mobility in one leg… (Hence the cane). The pain was dealt with vicodin, an addictive pain killer which is now his ever-present addiction.