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IM MOTHER THERESA .. back when she was hot… MODERN FAMILY

1 Nov

Up until now I think I’ve been keeping a serious note on the tv shows I’ve talked about. I think its about time I talk about one that’s simply FUN. Modern Family is an awesome show that portrays a very unconventional family. There’s a gay couple, an adopted child, dysfunctional parents, really misbehaved kids and even an old guy married to a young hot Colombian woman. And with all this flying around, problems are sure to endure, but the love never falters, as well as the laughs. On a side note…. I adore Sofía Vergara! a fellow Colombian, she makes me laugh constantly and I think her character is great; they made her character have much more background than just a body with an accent. She is crazy, a bit scary, feisty, intelligent…and the list goes on.

So, in general terms, amazing show that makes you laugh while making you think a bit about your own dysfunctional family (we all have one). I leave you with this, cause if this doesn’t make you smile theeen… ¬¬