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COMMUNITY’s coming back!

23 Feb

Yeees! to my great pleasure, Im glad to anounce that COMMUNITY will be back on air on March 15! The wait has been long enough! With COMMUNITY in it’s -no doubt- best season yet, this extended hiatus has been excrutiating pain, even more so, for me, because though we got the 30 ROCK comeback in return, I think the payoff hasn’t been worth it.

Soooo, glad that the show is coming back to air the rest of its season, I hope this comes as good news for others, and for those who have no idea of what Im talking about, I sugest you watch the show, for me, best show “on air” right now!


30ROCK checks in … COMMUNITY checks-OUT?????

12 Dec

It is a bittersweet moment for me since Community closed up its first half of the season and is now on an extended indefinite hiatus; at the same time, 30Rock comes back on Community’s vacant timeslot. I think that all GREENDALE fans can agree with me when I say that this season has brought us a sequence of incredible episodes, one brilliant week after the other (Personally, I didn’t like the last episode, but that’s just me, and I’ll leave it for another time), so it is with a sad heart that I confirm that Community does not have a announced date for its return after the mid-season break.







NBC representatives say that it is only temporary and that the show will eventually be back, airing its remaining episodes of the season, buuut, for a show that has always been kinda bypassed by the mayor critics and not that high on ratings, we are left wondering. What we do know is that, withought a doubt, Community is one of the highest-quality shows on international television at the moment and that it would leave a big hole in the television world if it left for good.

So what’s the sweet part of the story? That at least our longing will be soothed by the comeback of another great that has been deeply missed this season: 30Rock! After taking a break do to Tina Fey’s pregnancy, 30Rock comes back January 12, 2012.

There have been many voices of contempt that have spoken up reagarding Community’s hiatus, from the show’s creators, writers and stars, to angry twitter fans and television gurus. It is outragous for many, that shows like “Whitney” continue on NBC’s primetime, while making Community step aside because of timeslot space.

Regardless of the uncertainty, the cast is positive and have even shared some spoilers for the episodes to come. I share a list of some of the cast members and each of their spoilery treats for next year:


Alison Brie | “Right now we’re shooting an episode in which Annie and Britta share some more girl time as Annie helps her deal with an ex-boyfriend. It’s been fun to see the side of Annie again that’s got it all together, since we’ve seen our share of her flying off the handle! Usually, Britta is giving the advice and helping Annie grow up, so this time you can look forward to seeing it the other way around.”



Danny Pudi | “The gang is hired as celebrity impersonators for a Bar Mitzvah. I can’t say who Abed is playing, but it terrified my mother so I think that’s a good thing. And, as you guys know, the blanket fort is back and it’s bigger than ever! But this time there are some creative differences leading to an all-school struggle!”




Gillian Jacobs | “Fans can look forward to seeing me dressed as my celebrity doppelgänger… who is a man.” [Editor’s note: Any guesses?]





Joel McHale | “You guys can look forward to some Motown Philly, Pierce saying, ‘Will someone call all of the ambulances?,’ drunk confessions on an altar, “Train Engineer” Dean Pelton, Blade, and French Stewart.”





Yvette Nicole Brown | “Fans can expect more varied pairings within the study group and the triumphant return of Shirley’s (ex) hubby, Andre, played by Malcolm-Jamal Warner.”

A lot to see on TV last week… HOUSE, COMMUNITY, HIMYM

14 Nov

Hello everybody. Today’s Monday and I think last week closed with a pretty good tv round up. Here are some things I recommend:

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I think that last week’s episode of How I Met Your Mother was the best this season. I had been thinking it had been a slow and awkward start to this season with Barney’s weird and out-of-nowhere love story with Nora, Kal Penn’s recurring role as Robin’s shrink and boyfriend, and the appearance of Katie Holmes on the Halloween episode. Really, the only thing I had enjoyed witnessing was the ducky tie that Barney had been forced to wear for a year because of a lost bet. Anyway, last week’s episode was great; it was told in three different time periods, as masterfully as only HIMYM can, with, obviously, old Ted telling his kids the story in the future, the gang discussing boogie boarding and ducky ties, and narrating a past event in the present, and the flashback to said event, a couple of months in the past. At the end of the day, it was not only a funny episode but also a cute one, with a nice, touchy story that didn’t go overboard on sappiness (which this show can sometimes go far too on). BTW, IMPORTANT course changing event at the end!! Beware!!

Community once again had a very strong episode, with the group all -except Jeff- helping Annie move in with Troy an Abed. At the same time, Jeff is being blackmailed by the dean to spend time with him on exchange on him not telling the group that he was faking sickness to avoid helping out. Trouble ensures, when Pierce is left alone on Annie’s old apartment and is electrocuted by his own stupidity. Back in the new house, Annie is quickly regretting her decision upon witnessing Troy and Abed’s weird antics first hand at such a close distance.

Aaaaand, the HOUSE episode wasn’t that bad! I know I’ve said that before so I don’t want to assume anything or get my hopes up with this, but I should recognize that it was a bit more entertaining. Taub and Chase are back! and they prove they were very missed. They bring some life back onto the show! A better dynamic and they push buttons only they can. I have never been happy with the extra attention given to Taub’s love life and, don’t get me wrong, I love his funny witted interesting character, but enough is enough. None the less, his twin paternity debacle was fun to watch. On the other hand, Chase was at his best last week, defiant and dedicated, and had a big part on solving the case. THE CASE! This week’s sick person was actually sick and had something at least relevant to chip in to the episode, which is a first for this season I think. All in all, as I say, I don’t want to give a lot of flare to this, but it was a nice episode. Consider this my HOUSE  review of the week, since I am still not satisfied enough to write more than this about it.

AND LAST… are you watching the x-factor? I am NEVER satisfied with what happens in singing competitions, but I keep watching them, cause I still enjoy watching the talent you get to see in them. This week was the third live show, and second public elimination of the top 12. The performances where really good this week and I just want to take the time to say that Rachel Crow, the little 12 year old girl (not completely sure about the age) is just amazing!!! I will later post some clips of the top performers.

AMAZING halloween episode of COMMUNITY this week!!!

28 Oct

Hello! just wanted to share with everyone that I just saw this week’s episode of Community, which was obviously Halloween-inspired. It rocked!

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The episode revolves around a lame “intimate” party Britta organizes for the group, with the ulterior motive of finding out which of the 7 people in their little group has homicidal tendencies (as she discovered in an anonymous psych test she made them take). Britta decides to tell scary stories to see how the others react to them; because of the crappiness of the stories, each one in the group feels the need to tell one of their own, each story crazier than the next. This scenario, helped out by the electric damage on campus that’s making the lights flutter, creates the perfect balance between creepy and just plain funny. As always, the show uses perfect film techniques to set the mood, just to crush it with the most absurd situations.

I can’t leave this post without recalling Abed’s part in the story because he is always awesome. As the first choice for the psychopath role in everyone’s minds, he doesn’t disappoint when he clearly states that he didn’t care at all for the suffering of the people in Britta’s story, which makes her worry deeply… Never the less, he subsequently makes a detailed analysis and critique on the ‘narrative errors of the dramatic arch -yadda yadda yadda-‘ of Britta’s story. I would hope that someone out there reading this gets as psyched as me about the way Abed sees everything through a cinematic and audiovisual lense, everything in life is a representation of years of film history that needs to me clinically studied. On this note, I recommend people search for one of last season’s episodes called “Critical Film Studies”, where Jeff tries to surprise Abed with a Pulp Fiction inspired party, only to be sidetracked by Abed’s own messed-up agenda. If you are a cinephile, you will love it.




BRITTA: I told you guys you didn’t have to dress up!

TROY: Oh, we where wearing this when you called

ABED: Yeah, when we dress up, you’ll know it.



19 Oct

Hey! so cool news! Remember French Stewart? The guy who played the radio-alien on 3rd Rock from the Sun? He has landed a guest spot on one of my all time favorite shows: COMMUNITY. The coolest part is that he will actually be playing himself; well, he will be playing a guy named Vincent, who just happens to be a great French Stewart impersonator.

For those of you fans of the show, it looks like good fun coming our way… for those who couldn’t have less idea of what I’m talking about, I seriously suggest you sit down right now and have a long Community marathon. It is an amazing show that does the impossible: it creates deep meaning and paints a thorough picture of human experience through pure comedy. Its creators clearly have great understanding of film and television theory, which they use to their advantage, to play with pre-established concepts in the viewers’ heads and create a completely unique and innovative experience.