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QI: Quite Interesting television

1 Oct

This is my first “undiscovered treasures” post, and I’ve gone with “QI: Quite Interesting”, a British game-show hosted by (my gay crush) Steven Fry. The show is set in a type of ‘university quiz’esque format, in which four guest comedians have to provide quite interesting answers to mr. Fry’s questions. The real fun lies in the fact that the questions asked are almost impossible to answer and many times disprove our ‘general ignorance’, meaning, the answers are not what we all think they are. The points are not really awarded by giving the correct answers (though it happens a lot cause those guys are extremely smart and knowledgeable) but by the originality and comedic tone of the things said. In most occasions, most of the contestants go home with a negative score.

***yeees, the name of this blog alludes to the ‘general ignorance’ term coined by this show.

So, in conclusion, greaaaaaaat show……..give British tv a chance (cause most of the shows in this section will be British)… even though some people say they don’t like or understand English humor, the show is not only QUITE INTERESTING concerning so many different subjects, but is extraordinarily AND wittily funny… it’s worth the effort.

This last comment reminded me of this quote from Ross on Friends, so I leave you with it:

Ross: Yeah, obvious beauty’s the worst. You know, when it’s right there in your face. Me, I like to have to work to find someone attractive. Makes me feel like I earned it.