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9 Oct

Phill Jupitus: More people are killed by bees than by sharks every year

Tim Minchin: Yeah, but the sharks have the statistical advantage of not being where we are nearly all the time




Another great funny british show! Its been on the air for 15 years and its a kind of quiz game, all about popular music. It has a presenter that normally varies, and two teams (of three people each). It always has interesting facts, great music questions and amazingly funny people that make a party out of everything. In one of their most popular sections, they are given a song, they have to act out the introduction acappella without singing, for a teammate to guess. I always crack up at the section where they show a clip of a washed-up has-been musician… you then have to pick the guy out from a 5 person live lineup. There’s been great guests during the years and excelent presenters…. if you get the chance, search for it and watch it!