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19 Oct

Hey! so cool news! Remember French Stewart? The guy who played the radio-alien on 3rd Rock from the Sun? He has landed a guest spot on one of my all time favorite shows: COMMUNITY. The coolest part is that he will actually be playing himself; well, he will be playing a guy named Vincent, who just happens to be a great French Stewart impersonator.

For those of you fans of the show, it looks like good fun coming our way… for those who couldn’t have less idea of what I’m talking about, I seriously suggest you sit down right now and have a long Community marathon. It is an amazing show that does the impossible: it creates deep meaning and paints a thorough picture of human experience through pure comedy. Its creators clearly have great understanding of film and television theory, which they use to their advantage, to play with pre-established concepts in the viewers’ heads and create a completely unique and innovative experience.



3 Oct

Ok, so I originally thought that the first tv show I’d post about on the ‘classic guilty pleasures’ would be Seinfeld, but I got a post that mentioned 3rd Rock from the Sun and I just had to choose that one. I think many of you out there remember this show, but for those who don’t, it was a sitcom that aired from 1996 to 2001 about four aliens sent on a mission to Earth. They live disguised as a very unconventional family. The show started out following the group’s interaction with Earth as a form of study for their mission, but the characters got personally interested with Cleveland very soon and their work got set aside. The humor of the show is great. I love French Steward’s character, you can’t help but smile when an incoming message came in and he switched into radio mode. The teenager of the family is actually the oldest of the extraterrestrials, which is also very fun to watch as he struggles with being a teen. The character called Mary Albright, a human that works with the ‘father’ of the family and his love interest during the show, is just what is missing to complete this group and make the aliens’ life even spicier. So anyway, I hope the people who don’t know it can give it a try, and maybe those who’ve seen it and have forgotten about it can rediscover its laughs.

“transmission ending in three … two … one …”