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23 Jan





I had never seen a British series before, but after seeing Downton Abbey I have a new perspective and I love it. Excellent storytelling, great cinematography, impeccable art direction and great acting. I really have nothing bad to say about this series.  I saw the first two seasons in life a week and never got bored and always left me waiting for more. The third season will air this new year and I cant wait.

It takes place in First World War England (before and after). In 1912 the heir of Lord Grantham dies in the Titanic and the next in line is Mathew Crawley, a distant relative. Lord Grantham and his wife Cora have three daughters but can only pass down the inheritance to boys. The relationship between the family and the staff is the most interesting thing about the series. The cleaning and managing staff lives in Downton Abbey as well and have their own set of problems and drama.

If you want to see a good series, give British series a chance and you will be very pleasantly surprised. It’s very different from American television, but as good.


I wasn’t planning on seeing this series because it didn’t seem one bit interesting but after a friend recommended it to me and giving it a chance, saw the first three seasons and loved it. The series is a sci-fi comedy about a group of teens that are doing community service and one day a strange electrical storms hits them and gave them super powers. Instead of becoming super heroes they use the power for their own benefit but in time they realize that they could help.

This series is not about the great cinematography, even if it’s good. It’s about how the characters interact with their powers and how it affects their lives. In season two they meet a powers dealer and exchange powers that create a whole lot of chaos to solve.

The characters are very well done. First two seasons, Nathan was the comedy center. He was so funny but so annoying and rude at the same time but just the right combination. I’ve never seen a character like that in TV or any movie and that was really refreshing. It’s a shame that he didn’t come back for the third season but instead was replaced with another funny guy but it wasn’t the same. I gave it a chance any way and it was fine. And for the fourth season two other misfits won’t come back either so not expecting the best. Ill probably give it a chance anyway when the nest season comes out this new year. Give it a chance I’m sure you’ll like it, even if it’s only the first two seasons.


Two new series I’m watching…

20 Nov


It’s a new comedy, 20 minute long sitcom, and stars Zooey Deschanel and three other guys that are her new roommates. She gets dumped by her boyfriend and decides to move in with Nick, Schmidt and Winston.  Jess (Deschanel) is just a weird, over the top, school teacher that bursts in song at any time. She’s trying to fit in with her new friends but is incredibly clumsy and annoying sometimes. She brings new adventures for the 4 of them and very funny situations that are worth watching. It isn’t as hilarious as Modern Family or Community but still funny. Some very refreshing characters that I hadn’t seen in a long time. It’s nice to see more comedies since some of the old comedies that I watch are getting sloppy.


Believe it or not, it’s a series based on fairy tales written by the Grimm Brothers. It turns out that the Grimm brothers wrote the stories because they where true and they come from a line that could see the creatures and where destined to battle them. David Giuntoli (I think is the gut from the Superman movie) finds out by his dying aunt that he is one of the last decedents of the Grimm brothers and needs to protect people from the bad creatures. Also, he is a detective, and with his partners the start fighting supernatural crime. He is the only one that can see the creature’s true form. He also befriended a “Big bad wolf” that isn’t bad anymore, and he helps him understanding the creatures; as well as a big book that his aunt left him. This fantasy cop drama is really not very good. I found it a bit boring; it can be creative putting the twist on old stories but just didn’t do it for me. It has some interesting photography, very creamy, fairytale like, but not enough to make it good. I really don’t think is worth watching. Bad acting, bad visual effects and not so interesting stories.

Pan Am

10 Nov

I like to write about the new series I’m watching. One of them is Pan Am on ABC and premiered on September of this year. It’s a period drama based on the stewardesses and pilots of this famous airline in the 1960s. The protagonists are four girls and the pilot and copilot of an international aircrew. Each episode is a new destination around the world and what happens in the life of the characters; past and present. The only actor a really recognized was a skinny Cristina Ricci, hahaha.

There’s not much I have to say about this series because, even though I have seen all the episodes, I don’t really like it and wont recommended today. I just don’t like the story. I find the characters very dull and boring. One is a carrier for the CIA because of the Cold War, one is a ex test pilot for the air force, one lied her way to get where she is and so on. Every episode they go to a different part of the world and very dumb adventures. What I really like, and for those who have read some other reviews know that the art direction on period series is amazing. All the planes, the cloths, the hairstyles, everything is perfect.

I found the general story very boring. They split the timeline of the episode to tell the story to make more interesting but really I think is just more confusing. I haven’t really seen how the series is going in terms of rating but it’s just my humble opinion. There are many other good stuff to see. 😉

Yeess!!! Dexters back

7 Nov

This one is going to be quick. I had to write bout the last episode of Dexter because maybe I spoke too soon on my last review. Last episode was just amazing. Dexter’s biggest test, forgive Nick for killing Brother Sam. All of the progress and searching that I was talking about just went out the window! He tried to forgive him but he just started gloating and laughing; he just couldn’t forgive him and killed Nick.  “There is no light in you, there is no light in me”, and instead of his father appearing, surprise… There’s his brother. The dark passenger has taken over him.

The preview for next episode seems so good, I can’t wait. I was loosing hope for this season but thank the writers for this episode. Now it’s really getting started and I think we will see some of the old Dexter back. Trinity kills, The Ice truck Killer, Travis gives up on Doomsday and I bet many more is to come. Yeih!!

Dexter- mid season

4 Nov

Six episodes of the sixth season of Dexter have passed and I wanted to talk about it again because it is my favorite series right now and I have some mixed feelings about it. We are at the middle of the season and really nothing has caught my interest yet and that’s very odd for this series because normally by this stage ill be hooked to the story. I have read some other blogs about it and it seems that last season wasn’t a crowd pleaser as I thought; not including my opinion, I loved it. We will have to wait how these season those.  First season Dexter battled his brother “The Ice truck Killer”, second season he almost got caught and they named him the “Bay Harbor Butcher”; third season he thinks he find his first friend Miguel Prado but doesn’t work out and kills him and marries Rita. In the fourth season he becomes a father and looks up to the Trinity killer but fins out they’re nothing alike and kills him, but after he killed Rita. Fifth season he struggles with Rita’s death but finds comfort in helping Lumen get her revenge from the group of friends that rape and kill woman. This season, Dexter is alone again and back to his old ways but deals with a religious killer that believes that the end of the world is near; The Doomsday Killer.

Professor Geller and Travis are religious fanatics that kill to warn that the world will end soon; they are The Doomsday Killer. There kills are very graphic and dramatic, representing passages from the bible. Some even have artifacts that look like out of the Saw franchise. Dexter already figured out who they are but couldn’t kill Travis because he hasn’t killed anybody yet. Brother Sam has become Dexter’s new friend but was shot and next episode we will see how Dexter gets revenge. Debra is not doing bad as the new lieutenant but struggles with her broken relationship with Quinn.

In every season we see some wroth in Dexter. When the series started he wasn’t even interested in having a life, just blending in and not getting caught. Time passes and he gets married, he had Harrison, his relationship with Lumen and everything that happened made him grow and understand better his dark passenger. That’s what I love about this series. We now know that he loves Harrison and is capable of feeling, but this season I don’t see any strive to grow anymore. There’s Brother Sam, his new friend that manages to control his darkness and that fascinated Dexter; but we saw that already with every failed attempt to get close with possible friends. What I’m trying to say and maybe not clearly is that I haven’t found this seasons reason for being, ha-ha. Is only the middle of the season, lots can still happen, and be sure I’ll be watching to see.


28 Oct

HBO´s series based on the best selling novels by George R.R. Martin, is the first of the series called A Song of Ice and Fire. Its first season got great reviews and excellent ratings so it got approved for its second season for next year. I saw the entire first season in 2 days and the only thing I can say is that is pure nerdy goodness. It’s set on fictional medieval times, there’s the Iron Throne, kings, knights, white walkers, winters that last a life time and dragons.

I find it great to see the entire story viewed from different characters in different parts of the world. It mixes reality with fantasy very subtly. People are surrounded with magical creatures but think they are extinct and as the episodes progress we begin to understand that they are present all the time. Needless to say that the technical qualities are excellent like any HBO series, there’s great acting; the European locations are very believable, and in few words, the series is very entertaining. It touches the very roughness of human nature.

For those how are interested I can put it simply; it’s like Age of Empires but better. We have various characters and we get to know all of them. The land is divided in the 7 Kingdoms, with new gods and the new King Robert that led the revolution on the Mad King. The two Targaryen children of the Mad King are in exile in the other side of the Narrow Sea with the Dothraky; a violent, less civilized culture and they’re hope for taking back the Iron throne. The lord of Winterfell if Eddard “Ned” Stark, his wife and his sons and daughters. After the Hand of the king dies, King Robert names Ned as his new Hand so he moves to the South. King Roberts’s wife Queen Cersei Lannister is part of the richest family in the Seven Kigndoms. After betrayals, violence, set ups, King Robert dies and the Lannisters take the throne. I don’t want to give away the entire story because there are many twists that are worth seeing yourself.


21 Oct

What a nightmare right! Well this is the case for Americans in the 1920´s. But no fear, illegal importation of alcohol is the solution, as we see in HBO´s series “Boardwalk Empire”. This is produced by Martin Scorsese and Mark Wahlberg, and Scorsese won the Emmy for the pilot. My opinion on the series (that I started watching no long away and saw the entire first season in 1 day), is that I completely loved it. This series is based on real facts, there are real historic figures and tells what was happening at the time.

Enoch “Nucky” Johnson (Steve Buscemi) is Atlantic city´s Treasurer and runs this city because he has big political contacts and owns the illegal importation of alcohol during The United States prohibition (1920- 1930). He meets his “girlfriend”, and Irish housewife with two children that was not the type of women he usually courts but “Margaret” (Kelly Macdonald) turns out to be his salvation many times. There is also Jimmy (Michael Pitt) that is like a son to him, but latter betrays him and tries to take over the alcohol business. We also see Al Capone and other historic figures of the time.

This series is basically the interactions of the gangsters, the politics, the corruption and love of that time period. The story or history of series is so interesting just to know it, but they tell it in a way that you never get bored. I read somewhere that Scorsese was so careful of details that even the sizes of the boards in the boardwalk are the same size of the originals. The advertising, the products, the wardrobe, even the hair styles are perfect. Art direction is impeccable. The soundtrack is so great; to hear those old songs is very refreshing …ironically. The actors and writers did an amazing job with the dialogs; you can’t even understand some of the words they use. Even though you can tell that Atlantic City was computer generated, the boardwalk is beautiful; it’s all recreated in a set.

The first season was basically to meet the characters, really get to know them. But in the second season we are faced with betrayal, political sandals, more death, new enemies but bigger bonds between old alliances. New episodes every Sunday; is super recommended if you are looking for quality television.

The NEW “American Horror Story”

15 Oct

I just saw FX’s new series from the same guys that made Glee and Nip/Tuck. “American Horror Story” just started and only has two episodes, but I wanted to talk about it because I got mixed feelings about it. First, a little summary. A married couple with their teenage daughter move to L.A hopping to get a new start from all the tragedies that they went threw in the last months. They get a very good price on a big old house, but find out that some murders have happened in the past. Its basically a haunted house and they can feel the “weirdness” in the air, from the moment they start unpacking. We then meet the neighbors, a woman with her daughter that has Down Syndrome and always warns the new owners that they will die in that house, the strange maid that has worked in that house for years even though the owners change, and Tate, Ben’s (the father of the family’s) young pshych patient.

My first impression of the series was that some of the situations where too cliché. The first sequence is of the little girl with Down’s saying to some twin boys that they where going to die in that house. Phrase that she will use to torment the rest of the future owners. Obviously the twins get killed by whatever is in the house. Then we get the protagonists that are so desperate to start a new life that they buy a house that they new was haunted. They came into the house already messed up; she had a bad  miscarriage, and he cheated with a student and got caught. The teenage daughter “Violet” cuts herself and apparently isn’t afraid of anything. So they are a damaged family that just got to a whole lot of trouble.

Then, the creators start throwing little bits of information that starts to unravel the history of the house. The neighbor, the maid, the guy in leather and Tate are all involved in some way with the house and are trying to hurt the family. At the beginning of each episodes (what I get from just watching the first two), they’re going to show a murder that took place in the past and then continue with the present.

Like I said before, I had mixed feeling about this show. I’m a horror fan and have seen my share of horror movies but not so many TV series. Apart from some episodes of Alfred Hitchcock’s suspense series I don’t recall any other. So I naturally had to see what this was about. Besides the somewhat cliché scenarios that are presented, I found it to be really entertaining. It’s not a jump type of horror where they surprise you all the time. I didn’t really get scared at any moment but for some reason I want to know what happens next, and that’s enough for me to see the next episode.

The acting of the main characters wasn’t perfection but good enough. But there are some great performances by the old school ladies that play the crazy neighbor and the maid (Jessica Lange and Frances Conroy). Good, scary music. Very interesting Art Direction; loved all the details of every time period and liked very much the elements to create the horrific basement at the very beginning. In general loved the location, the costumes, the interiors and the atmosphere the help create.

To stop ranting, I won’t set my conclusions on stone because it’s just been two episodes but in general it was pretty good. My predictions are that it isn’t going to be a horror masterpiece but it will entertain, and that it is its main purpose.


13 Oct


I don’t know if you remember the series “Six feet under” where Michel C. Hall played one of the brothers of the funeral house that was also gay. NOW, He is another series that deals with death as one of the main ingredients. Now a days he is known as television’s favorite serial killer; that’s right, this series makes you love a psychopath. Dexter started on 2006 on Showtime and has had many good reviews from critics and viewers alike, including me, who can honestly say it’s my favorite series right now.

For those who don’t have a clue about the series, here’s a quick summary: Dexter was adopted as a child by Harry, a Miami detective and his family. He found him in a container sitting in his mother’s blood after she was brutally murdered. Harry has a daughter named Debra, which is Dexter´s biggest fan… and she is very important to him to; as he says: “if I where to feel anything, it would be for Deb”.  Harry dies before the show starts but fallows Dexter like a conscience or the voice of reason. He was the one that taught Dexter the “code”.  He found out that Dexter was different from a young age and knew that he was a psychopath. The code is basically not to get caught; don’t leave any evidence, dispose of the body’s and only go after criminals that the law didn’t get or even got close to. All of these rules are easy to fallow because he became a Blood Spatter Analyst for the Miami metro police. His halfsister Debra works as a detective for the same office. Every season there’s a big serial killer that is connected to Dexter either by blood or by his “Dark Passenger”, as he calles the darkness inside him. He’s an expert on blending in with the society he doesn’t even understand.

To make a long story short, he is a character that -in spite of all of his defects- you completely adore. Adding to that, technically speaking, the series is very well done, we cheer for the serial killer that is “cleaning society” as some will say; taking the law into his own hands. This series started its 6th season two weeks ago and its super recommended if you like a dark and smart, nail batting story.