This blog will try to share my reduced knowledge, my input and my take on all things entertaining. 

Im a Colombian aspiring film and video maker, and screenwriter. I think that television has the potential of great creative and artistic expression. Beyond that, entertainment, as pure as it comes, is already valuable enough. 

I write about tv, movies and just plain general culture. This blog will have weekly critiques on the best tv shows out there, with updates for every new episode. Also, overviews on many more tv shows you may want to know about or never heard about. Both critically acclaimed tv shows and some undiscovered treasures. Also, “quotes of the day”, clips, images and more. Quiz type games with “guess the movie” pictures and more. Information and news on movies, music and quite interesting facts concerning the entertainment industry, arts and general culture.

“…I deduced that the best possible life includes as many rounds of golf as possible, and therefore, I would become a dentist. “Dentist?!” my mother laughed. “You can’t be serious. What happens when they cure all teeth problems? Where will dentists be then? No, Bobby, people will always need entertainment. I’m looking out for your future. You’re going into show business.”

Robert Mckee


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