COMMENTS backstage… SAG awards!

29 Jan

So, by source of  TVLINE and the great Michael Ausiello ( …  some fun comments taken backstage on the annual SAG awards!:


The Modern Family cast

(On what the kid actors have learned from the adults)
Nolan Gould | “I have learned lots of curse words from them.”
Rico Rodriguez | “I actually learned how to be a better actor.”

(And Ty Burrell on what he’s learned from the kids)
“Honestly, I’ve learned things like union rules. … They’ve been acting longer than I have.”

(Burrell counterpointing Alec Baldwin)
We have the best writers in Hollywood. I can’t imagine a better job.”

(Sofia Vergara in response to the seemingly requisite awards-show question about what she’s wearing underneath her tight dress)
“[Referring to statuette] He’s the commando. I always wear underwear; they’re just very tiny. It’s under… there.”

(On the last time they took an acting class)
Jesse Tyler Ferguson | “Ed [O’Neill] talked me through a scene recently that I wasn’t getting. [To O’Neill] You’re a very good teacher.”
Rodriguez | “Actually, Nolan and I were in the same acting class when we were going out for Modern Family.”

The Boardwalk Empire cast

(On winning SAG’s Best Drama Ensemble award for the second year in a row)
Michael Kenneth Williams | “This is my first anything, so this feels really good. Putting in the work, I feel very blessed to be here with my [television] family right now. … I never thought I’d be holding one of these and be among such fine actors.”
Michael Pitt | “It feels good. I’m hungry. I want a cigarette.”

(Steve Buscemi, who also won for Best Drama Actor, on the most challenging part of playing Nucky)
“Working with kids is…very inspiring. [Smiles] No, I love all these kids.”

(After two of the child actors get into a little physical altercation…)
Buscemi | “Were they fighting? Welcome to the cast of Boardwalk Empire. This happens every day.”

(Buscemi on being the show’s lead)
“I still feel like a character actor. Truly, for me, it’s being part of an ensemble. To me, the lead is Atlantic City.”

Jessica Lange, American Horror Story

“It’s interesting because once I kind of threw my lot in with this project, the ride was actually quite great. You couldn’t second guess, and you couldn’t overthink, and for me, that was a great way to work. There was a certain urgency to it. It’s a big character, and I had a lot of fun with it…. I have to give a lot of credit to the writers for creating this character.”

(On whether she’ll return as a new character in Season 2)
“I’m thinking about it very seriously because, like I said before, the writing is marvelous, and it’s hard to come by great writing. I had the gamut to play from A to Z [in Season 1]. I’m seriously thinking about it.”

Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock

(On if there was ever a time he was afraid to speak out politically)
“I’m still scared to speak out. I want Season 7 [of 30 Rock] really badly.”

(Alluding to his recent run-in with, and ejection by, an American Airlines cabin crew)
“I am still playing Words With Friends — but now on Virgin Atlantic.”


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