Remember BECKER?

25 Jan

Hey, I wanted to add a new post to my “Classic Guilty Pleasures” section because my tv provider just started showing old reruns of BECKER and I couldn’t be happier, it’s like I’m discovering it all over again! As many may remember, BECKER was a sitcom that aired in the late 90’s and early 2000ths; it revolved around the live of this guy name John Becker, who was a brilliant doctor that had a run-down practice in the Bronx. Becker was know for -above being a great doctor- being a royal pain in the ass. He was an abnoxious and rude misanthrope that loved leting everyone know his every opinionated thought. But beyond his crude exterior, he was a concerned doctor that cared about his patients and people’s wellbeing. Familiar? yes, this character seems to have been the inspiration for a new found ‘leading man archetype’, everpresent on the 21st century.

I used to watch BECKER when I was in my eary teens and I remember I enjoyed it -that’s pretty much all I remember-, but I have found an incredible pleasure in seeing it again, with new older eyes and …well… better memory. And I think I owe it to the show and Ted Danson to watch it again, and share it with everyone so that maybe more people look back on it because I think characters like Perry Cox and Greg House wouldn’t have existed without him, and what a sad world that would be, wouldn’t it?


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