CSI best episodes ever COUNTDOWN … #4

25 Nov

I had another thing that I left behind and Im sorry for that 😀 … the CSI best episodes countdown. So anyway, trying to redeem myself –though im pretty sure no one was following the CSI posts – im going to post the top 4 episodes I was missing, in a row. I just have to say that these 4 episodes are all amazing in my opinion and it was very hard for me to choose an order for them. I will give them each a ranking but I think that the outcome is purely subjective, and I think many could disagree – and I don’t mind -; it’s a pull between strong stories, great story-telling, and amazing visual result.

First off, for #4, I chose an episode of the first season called “Too Tough to Die”. I won’t say much about this one, again, so as not to spoil it. You will notice that it is very different from what we are accustomed to see on CSI, cause on its first season, the show was obviously just starting to find its way, the image is a bit poor, its filmed on a 4:3 screen ratio, and the general technical aspects are not as good as what the show offers, but it is an amazing story: “what kind of system rewards the criminal when the victim is too tough to die?”.


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