X FACTOR U.S… is it worth watching?

14 Nov

Are you watching the x-factor? As I said in the last post, I am NEVER satisfied with what happens in singing competitions, but I keep watching them, cause I still enjoy watching the talent you get to see in them. Let me tell you what we will most likely see on this show throughout the rest of the season: constant elimination of talented people, so we can at the end watch a match between two people, where one is clearly better than the other, only to have a mediocre winner who I will never listen to again in my life. But, even thought this is true, there are still people who should be recognized and I invite you all to see.

The performances where really good this week and I just want to take the time to say that Rachel Crow, the little 12 year old girl (not completly sure about the age) is just amazing!!! I post here this week’s performance, and one of her boot camp performances which I thought was great.




Before showing anything else, I want to share a clip of an amazing woman who got to the judges homes but didn’t make it beyond that. Her name is Elaine Gibbs. I know, most will say she had no chances of becoming a pop star and that is why she was left behind, but I dont care! I hate pop, I think this woman was amazing and I would have bought an album from her before buying one from any other contestant.



Another competitor worth mentioning is Leroy Bell. I don’t think he is the best.. by far.. but this guy is 60 years old! Check him out. Also, I think he did a great job this week!



There are other great performers, like Astro, another kid that raps! Im not a rap fan at all but I am impressed with this kid’s attitude, profesionalism and talent. He writes his own lyrics for every week’s episode and they are actually very good! He never tires or complains and is always working!



I think it is clear that I think the kids are stealing the show, cause now im going to metion a girl called Drew, who I think is 14 or 15 years old. Another great talented girl with a beutiful unique voice, who puts a personal spin on every song she sings.




Another favorite of mine is Josh Krajcik, a 30 year old guy with the most amazing voice. I think he looked really weird this week, with his clothes, hair and all the stage design chosen, but his rendition of With a Little Help from my Friends was amazing.




And last, Stacy Francis. She is one of the show’s favorites, and I must admit that I have been liking her less and less each week, but anyhow, a woman with an amazing voice.




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