Pan Am

10 Nov

I like to write about the new series I’m watching. One of them is Pan Am on ABC and premiered on September of this year. It’s a period drama based on the stewardesses and pilots of this famous airline in the 1960s. The protagonists are four girls and the pilot and copilot of an international aircrew. Each episode is a new destination around the world and what happens in the life of the characters; past and present. The only actor a really recognized was a skinny Cristina Ricci, hahaha.

There’s not much I have to say about this series because, even though I have seen all the episodes, I don’t really like it and wont recommended today. I just don’t like the story. I find the characters very dull and boring. One is a carrier for the CIA because of the Cold War, one is a ex test pilot for the air force, one lied her way to get where she is and so on. Every episode they go to a different part of the world and very dumb adventures. What I really like, and for those who have read some other reviews know that the art direction on period series is amazing. All the planes, the cloths, the hairstyles, everything is perfect.

I found the general story very boring. They split the timeline of the episode to tell the story to make more interesting but really I think is just more confusing. I haven’t really seen how the series is going in terms of rating but it’s just my humble opinion. There are many other good stuff to see. 😉


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