HOUSE MD… is this what it’s all come down to?

8 Nov


Seriously? Is this what its all come down to? Writers sit around in the cafeteria, doing some smalltalk during dinner, saying “hey, is it good to be patriotic? – I don’t know, why don’t we create a character, make a crapy episode of a show that costs millions of dollars to make, to develop the question and then we can settle our argument?”. In this video, the writer of “Risky Business”, the Halloween week episode of House, talks for 6 minutes about really how easy it is to get a job as a writer for a mayor television show. Forget about any kind of theory, process or thought, he just bluntly accepts that this episode was about creating a character that made us (supposedly) wonder about patriotism, watching Forman being bossy, and putting a lab coat on Adam’s back (yesss I finally remembered her name!… now I probably think those reading maybe still don’t know who I’m talking about so let’s remember her as we use to refer to her: hot young female prison doctor) because she has a lab coat on in next week’s episode.

So all in all, I just wanted to share this with everyone because it pisses me off. I mean, I know the show’s going down the drain but if you can’t say anything to make your work look at least decent, then maybe don’t agree to the interview! This video is just proof of things I’ve been talking about: it is clear that the writers are worn out and don’t know where to go. They are not even doing some failed attempts of creating something good; they have just given up on attempting anything.


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