Yeess!!! Dexters back

7 Nov

This one is going to be quick. I had to write bout the last episode of Dexter because maybe I spoke too soon on my last review. Last episode was just amazing. Dexter’s biggest test, forgive Nick for killing Brother Sam. All of the progress and searching that I was talking about just went out the window! He tried to forgive him but he just started gloating and laughing; he just couldn’t forgive him and killed Nick.  “There is no light in you, there is no light in me”, and instead of his father appearing, surprise… There’s his brother. The dark passenger has taken over him.

The preview for next episode seems so good, I can’t wait. I was loosing hope for this season but thank the writers for this episode. Now it’s really getting started and I think we will see some of the old Dexter back. Trinity kills, The Ice truck Killer, Travis gives up on Doomsday and I bet many more is to come. Yeih!!


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