Dexter- mid season

4 Nov

Six episodes of the sixth season of Dexter have passed and I wanted to talk about it again because it is my favorite series right now and I have some mixed feelings about it. We are at the middle of the season and really nothing has caught my interest yet and that’s very odd for this series because normally by this stage ill be hooked to the story. I have read some other blogs about it and it seems that last season wasn’t a crowd pleaser as I thought; not including my opinion, I loved it. We will have to wait how these season those.  First season Dexter battled his brother “The Ice truck Killer”, second season he almost got caught and they named him the “Bay Harbor Butcher”; third season he thinks he find his first friend Miguel Prado but doesn’t work out and kills him and marries Rita. In the fourth season he becomes a father and looks up to the Trinity killer but fins out they’re nothing alike and kills him, but after he killed Rita. Fifth season he struggles with Rita’s death but finds comfort in helping Lumen get her revenge from the group of friends that rape and kill woman. This season, Dexter is alone again and back to his old ways but deals with a religious killer that believes that the end of the world is near; The Doomsday Killer.

Professor Geller and Travis are religious fanatics that kill to warn that the world will end soon; they are The Doomsday Killer. There kills are very graphic and dramatic, representing passages from the bible. Some even have artifacts that look like out of the Saw franchise. Dexter already figured out who they are but couldn’t kill Travis because he hasn’t killed anybody yet. Brother Sam has become Dexter’s new friend but was shot and next episode we will see how Dexter gets revenge. Debra is not doing bad as the new lieutenant but struggles with her broken relationship with Quinn.

In every season we see some wroth in Dexter. When the series started he wasn’t even interested in having a life, just blending in and not getting caught. Time passes and he gets married, he had Harrison, his relationship with Lumen and everything that happened made him grow and understand better his dark passenger. That’s what I love about this series. We now know that he loves Harrison and is capable of feeling, but this season I don’t see any strive to grow anymore. There’s Brother Sam, his new friend that manages to control his darkness and that fascinated Dexter; but we saw that already with every failed attempt to get close with possible friends. What I’m trying to say and maybe not clearly is that I haven’t found this seasons reason for being, ha-ha. Is only the middle of the season, lots can still happen, and be sure I’ll be watching to see.


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