28 Oct

HBO´s series based on the best selling novels by George R.R. Martin, is the first of the series called A Song of Ice and Fire. Its first season got great reviews and excellent ratings so it got approved for its second season for next year. I saw the entire first season in 2 days and the only thing I can say is that is pure nerdy goodness. It’s set on fictional medieval times, there’s the Iron Throne, kings, knights, white walkers, winters that last a life time and dragons.

I find it great to see the entire story viewed from different characters in different parts of the world. It mixes reality with fantasy very subtly. People are surrounded with magical creatures but think they are extinct and as the episodes progress we begin to understand that they are present all the time. Needless to say that the technical qualities are excellent like any HBO series, there’s great acting; the European locations are very believable, and in few words, the series is very entertaining. It touches the very roughness of human nature.

For those how are interested I can put it simply; it’s like Age of Empires but better. We have various characters and we get to know all of them. The land is divided in the 7 Kingdoms, with new gods and the new King Robert that led the revolution on the Mad King. The two Targaryen children of the Mad King are in exile in the other side of the Narrow Sea with the Dothraky; a violent, less civilized culture and they’re hope for taking back the Iron throne. The lord of Winterfell if Eddard “Ned” Stark, his wife and his sons and daughters. After the Hand of the king dies, King Robert names Ned as his new Hand so he moves to the South. King Roberts’s wife Queen Cersei Lannister is part of the richest family in the Seven Kigndoms. After betrayals, violence, set ups, King Robert dies and the Lannisters take the throne. I don’t want to give away the entire story because there are many twists that are worth seeing yourself.


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