CSI best episodes ever COUNTDOWN … #8

18 Oct

So I’ve said I was going to do a top 5 list of the best CSI (vegas) episodes. I’ve been thinking about it for long time and I haven’t been able to narrow it down… so I decided to do a 10 episode countdown of the way I see it. I think it wont have the obvious go-to choices that captured big ratings and had the amazing cinematographic effects, but as a devoted follower of the first 9 years of CSI, I can honestly say that these 10 are -FOR ME- the strongest episodes of the series, story-wise.

My choice for #8: WHO SHOT SHERLOCK

Ok, this episode was something I had to put in here! The team has to investigate the death of SHERLOCK HOLMES!! ¬¬ weeell, a Holmes’ impersonator, so focused on his obsession that has recreated the detective’s living room perfectly. The guy is shot at close range on the head, and though the gun isn’t found on the scene, everything else makes it look like a suicide. The team then has a real mystery to solve, worthy of the real Sherlock.

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