CSI best episodes ever COUNTDOWN … #10

17 Oct

So I’ve said I was going to do a top 5 list of the best CSI (vegas) episodes. I’ve been thinking about it for long time and I haven’t been able to narrow it down… so I decided to do a 10 episode countdown of the way I see it. I think it wont have the obvious go-to choices that captured big ratings and had the amazing cinematographic effects, but as a devoted follower of the first 9 years of CSI, I can honestly say that these 10 are -FOR ME- the strongest episodes of the series, story-wise.


So, anyway, here goes my choice for #10: PIRATES OF THE 3RD REICH


This episode marks the second return of a character that followers of the show may be quite familiar with: Lady Heather… an intriguing dominatrix that captured Grissom’s interest since day one, and has made several appearances during the years. I’m a huge fan of her character and of her unique relationship with Grissom, and this is the episode I’ve chosen as her personal best. In past episodes, Heather’s business has found itself involved in mysterious deaths to which she was never responsible for. In this one, however, she is more than a mere chat partner to Grissom; she is in actual distress when the victim of the week turns out to be her daughter. Not only was her emotional turmoil a powerful moment on the show for those who had followed her character’s past appearances… the episode in itself is a complex thriller revolving around a mad scientist with race-domination ideas that keeps you on your toes the whole time.

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