The NEW “American Horror Story”

15 Oct

I just saw FX’s new series from the same guys that made Glee and Nip/Tuck. “American Horror Story” just started and only has two episodes, but I wanted to talk about it because I got mixed feelings about it. First, a little summary. A married couple with their teenage daughter move to L.A hopping to get a new start from all the tragedies that they went threw in the last months. They get a very good price on a big old house, but find out that some murders have happened in the past. Its basically a haunted house and they can feel the “weirdness” in the air, from the moment they start unpacking. We then meet the neighbors, a woman with her daughter that has Down Syndrome and always warns the new owners that they will die in that house, the strange maid that has worked in that house for years even though the owners change, and Tate, Ben’s (the father of the family’s) young pshych patient.

My first impression of the series was that some of the situations where too cliché. The first sequence is of the little girl with Down’s saying to some twin boys that they where going to die in that house. Phrase that she will use to torment the rest of the future owners. Obviously the twins get killed by whatever is in the house. Then we get the protagonists that are so desperate to start a new life that they buy a house that they new was haunted. They came into the house already messed up; she had a bad  miscarriage, and he cheated with a student and got caught. The teenage daughter “Violet” cuts herself and apparently isn’t afraid of anything. So they are a damaged family that just got to a whole lot of trouble.

Then, the creators start throwing little bits of information that starts to unravel the history of the house. The neighbor, the maid, the guy in leather and Tate are all involved in some way with the house and are trying to hurt the family. At the beginning of each episodes (what I get from just watching the first two), they’re going to show a murder that took place in the past and then continue with the present.

Like I said before, I had mixed feeling about this show. I’m a horror fan and have seen my share of horror movies but not so many TV series. Apart from some episodes of Alfred Hitchcock’s suspense series I don’t recall any other. So I naturally had to see what this was about. Besides the somewhat cliché scenarios that are presented, I found it to be really entertaining. It’s not a jump type of horror where they surprise you all the time. I didn’t really get scared at any moment but for some reason I want to know what happens next, and that’s enough for me to see the next episode.

The acting of the main characters wasn’t perfection but good enough. But there are some great performances by the old school ladies that play the crazy neighbor and the maid (Jessica Lange and Frances Conroy). Good, scary music. Very interesting Art Direction; loved all the details of every time period and liked very much the elements to create the horrific basement at the very beginning. In general loved the location, the costumes, the interiors and the atmosphere the help create.

To stop ranting, I won’t set my conclusions on stone because it’s just been two episodes but in general it was pretty good. My predictions are that it isn’t going to be a horror masterpiece but it will entertain, and that it is its main purpose.


3 Responses to “The NEW “American Horror Story””

  1. tvmoviesandgeneralignorance October 15, 2011 at 3:43 pm #

    Hey! it’s me: “TV MOVIES AND GENERAL IGNORANCE” 😀 …. Just wanted to add to Catalina’s review (I haven’t seen the show) that in my opinion, the cast has great promise. I agree with you cause Jessica Lange is a terrific atress and Connie Britton just left a highly praised show (Friday Night Lights) which has to be a good sign!

  2. pawandy October 15, 2011 at 6:51 pm #

    hmmmm, most likely i wouldn’t give it a chance.
    Im not a nip/tuck fan and i dispise glee, but i will keep an open mind and wait for your future posts on this series.
    Maybe you’ll change my mind.

  3. tvmoviesandgeneralignorance October 15, 2011 at 7:59 pm #

    haha , i despise glee too ! But it sounds cool if you’re a horror fan

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