CSI: what’s eating GILBERT GRISSOM’s graveyard shift

9 Oct

This is my first post on CSI (the original). I write it as part of my reviews on popular tv shows that are on right now, and I must confess that CSI was my first true TV love. I adore that show. Nevertheless, I do not watch it right now (for the assumed reasons). I watched it sacredly until January 15 of 2009, when its lead character left the show. CSI was the first of its kind and marked the spot for so many crime and forensic shows that have followed. But why do I think that it always stood out? I think, as I have said regarding other shows, that you can’t expect to get something great by copying a formula that worked. I think CSI gave the audience something no other has been able to do as well; they delved deep into the human psyche, to question the effective validation of crime and punishment in the legal system. It was well thought and well documented. Grissom, the main character, was also precursor of a style of leading man that has become so popular: the wise, torn, damaged guy, whose charm isn’t based purely on good looks. If you are a film and tv geek, I think you get a real kick out of the amazing photography and cinematography the show has perfected during the years. The starting sequences get better with the years. I recommend watching the beginning of the 2nd episode of the 9th season, “THE HAPPY PLACE”, and of the premiere of season 7, “BUILT TO KILL”. There are so many great ones, these are just two I remember off the top of my head. Here are some stills:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Soon, I’ll post my top 5 … the 5 best episodes of CSI in my opinion. Wait for it.


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