WELCOME BACK! HOUSE season 8 premieres MONDAY, oct. 3rd

3 Oct

HOUSE comes back for its 8 season on monday. On FOX in the US… by other means for the rest of us. Personally, last season was so terrible (worse and worse with each passing episode) that I think things can only improve… crossing my fingers.

[by the way, I personally really loved House and Cuddy getting together… it just sucked that they didn’t know what to do with them once they did]


3 Responses to “WELCOME BACK! HOUSE season 8 premieres MONDAY, oct. 3rd”

  1. Ermilia October 3, 2011 at 3:37 am #

    I stumbled across the first unfinished episode somehow leaked online. I wouldn’t say it was better than last season, but there were cuts and director’s notes still in it so who knows what happens on the cutting room floor.

    As for your comment about last season, I happened to really like it. Yes, I loved Cutty and House together, but Cutty’s kid changes things. He’s not a healthy enough person to be a father and I think that relationship was doomed to end one way or another. I’m glad they did it with as much pizzazz as they did.

  2. tvmoviesandgeneralignorance October 3, 2011 at 5:13 am #

    Hi, thanks for writing. As I said before, I still want to set straight that I adore that show, but I don’t know, this is my craft, it’s what I study so I guess I give it a hard time. So anyway, I didn’t like the season in general and there is a lot for me to say about why and its terrible cause now I will extend myself way too much… I just think, even that though I enjoyed a lot because I love the soppy love story, things weren’t very thought through… there were so many ways they could have taken everything that was going on but they didn’t go deep enough on any. There were no REAL problems at work, they did not go deep enough on the problems with Rachel or with House not being a good boyfriend… they touched the surface of many things and by trying to do it all they managed to be superficial in their doing. Cuddy got mad about the silliest of things considering the excellent 6 years of more than 100 different horrible things House has done to Cuddy. Resuming something I said in another post, they weren’t really believing in what they did, they just copied the stuff that worked in the past and that was felt. They just made unjustified fights. I am a (aspiring) storywriter and I think you can make characters do basically anything, cause mankind has done everything in life, but if actions aren’t really justified with content then things turn into a melodrama and I say a lot of that this season.
    Examples: the first episode of the season was actually filmed with those beach scenes that leaked out… something happened and they had to reorganize, they lost money and time for something that didn’t work because it was poorly planned. Instead, we saw 45 awkward minutes of House and Cuddy inside a house. It was cool if they really were uncomfortable with each other but I don’t think that was the intension. The season finale, also, was crazy for me. House crashed a car into Cuddy’s house! Again, it is possible that he would do that, but the thing is that we didn’t see the needed actions beforehand. It doesn’t matter if the creators tell us he was in pain, things in film (meaning just well crafted audiovisual narrations) can’t be said, they have to be showed! And that can be seen in the general bad reception the last episode had. Lisa Edelstein quit after filming it for god’s sake! (yes, there where monetary issues involved, but still)! So anyway, yes, we say house getting high and marrying a bimbo, but those are again, unjustified actions with no true soul. Regarding the lack of premeditation that I felt with this season, everybody that saw the finale thought House through the car at the dinner table while thinking they were still there!!! David Shore had to make a video explaining House’s actions! That goes against everything; the show must stand on its own. And from a filmmaking point of view, what happened was that they didn’t leave the shot of them leaving the room long enough, timing! And the editing between that and house’s face (and the direction he was looking at) weren’t as they should have been so that the viewers’ eyes captured the idea. It’s true that if you slow down the video or watch it again with care then you see that the guests left the table, but again, that is not enough. These are just things for me that say that this was not well planned or successfully planned. Now, even though I love Cuddy with House, I think that their attempt at the relationship left the soul of the show aside, there was no spark in the patients that came in, in house’s fight with right vs. righteousness, his defyment to everything established for the prevail of his own view of morality. Again, too many things trying to be obtained and nothing really grasped.
    High point and low point for me: I thought Bombshells was terrible… on the other hand, I thought the episode that followed was brilliant!
    The thing with Bombshells, again, was that Cuddy’s actions werent that justified FOR ME. Still, I think you made a great point with what you said about the kid in respect to ‘what changed’. I mean, the breakup was a bit out of character (as result of what happened), but the kid is a good point saying in terms of she not being capable of putting up with all of House’s crap with a kid in the middle. The thing is that from a technical point of view, you can’t expect to hint things in a way so subtle, cause in film what to the creator is obvious to the viewer is subtle, what to the creator is subtle to the viewer doesn’t exist. That, meaning that in my opinion in wasn’t well done, well scripted in a way that the general public as a whole could find believable. And apart from the breakup, I didn’t like the episode at all… for god sakes, cuddy dreamt in television formats! The screen went to 4:3 mode when in here dreams, I know they where alluding cinematographic genres but it was a dream!!! There where zombies and a bad two and a half men impersonation… and the whole song thing! There where dancers that had no real corporal meaning in their movements or their clothing, it just looked to me like something taken out of Across the Universe (love the movie, just saying it was completely out of place).
    But as I said, the high point for me was ‘Out of the Chute’… I think this post has gone for way more than it should have, but I just want to say that for me this is how it should have all gone. House had justifiable actions, the creators seemed to be able to proyect his feelings into actions and images, his accepting that he was going to spend all the money needed to numb himself until it didn’t hurt was completely House-like, he was House at his purest. In Bombshells, Cuddy told him (explaining to all of us what we didn’t see) that he took vicodin to not feel pain, be it in whichever form it comes, and I didn’t feel it… in this episode, on the other hand, they showed it, and it was awesome. The last scene in the pool was beautiful. As a last note, I loved the end of ‘Recession Proof’ too; loved it.

  3. juliatovar October 3, 2011 at 5:50 am #

    ok, first of all WOW! that’s a long answer, second, i think i agree with almost all of it. I do understand what Elia is saying about Cuddy’s kid, and how that could have led to the end of the relationship, but what I disagree with is the way it was done. After we had to suffer through an entire season of them trying to be together, all of a sudden, they brake up, with no real build up to it.

    Let me just say that I do believe this discussions are healthy and that every viewer has a different relationship with the show, but I really felt like last season was made by a completely different crew, specially after all those other incredible seasons we had the pleasure to watch.

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