HOUSE MD 101 for beginners

2 Oct

I will now start with the first post on the category of “weekly reviews”, and I think I couldn’t start with anything else but House MD. I just love that show so much. And don’t get me wrong, I think there are a lot of ‘not so good things’ going on with it, but if I see it as a whole, it is still amazing.

So, to start, for those not that familiar with the show: It’s about a guy named Gregory House, world renowned diagnostician, famous doctor who can cure people no one can cure. The whole thing of the show is to treat patients as cases, medicine as mysteries to solve (Sherlock Holmes… will talk about that later). Anyway, House is a miserable, selfish, narcissist ass who treats everyone like shit but is incredibly smart and almost always right. He does whatever he wants in the hospital, he barely works. His sole interest is solving his cases, he only tends to people that he finds interesting and doesn’t show any concern or remorse. The importance for him is the outcome, the thrill of the mystery. OR SO HE SAYS… The thing is that he actually does try to do the right thing… the brilliance of the show lies in that he is a guy that believes the right thing should be done above everything else (he just also happens to believe that the right thing is the same as always being right), above securing his job, his reputation, his freedom, his health and his own happiness.

So that’s the start…

ooooh right!!! I forgot like the tiniest detail: he had an infarction in his leg 5 years prior to the start of the show, which left him with chronic pain and limited mobility in one leg… (Hence the cane). The pain was dealt with vicodin, an addictive pain killer which is now his ever-present addiction.


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