A STUDY IN premeditated COINCIDENCES… House & Holmes

2 Oct

There is so much for me to say about the show after watching all of its 177 episodes a few times, that I am not sure where to start and how to follow. I think I’ll continue with some info on the whole Gregory House / Sherlock Holes thing. It is a QI (quite interesting) fact ¬¬ that not only is House based on Holmes, but that his name is actually homage to his British counterpart too. You see it? House… Home… well it is! Not making it up… If you still think I am, please refer yourself to the picture below; see beyond the bad ID photograph and the birthday, to see the infamous Baker Street address wedged in there. Also, James Wilson is obviously named after John Watson too. The case on the pilot is about a woman named Rebecca Adler, in reference to Sherlock’s Irene Adler…. And so on… It reinforces the whole thing about treating patients as cases, medicine as a series of mysteries to solve.

And the similarities are not only in the work field. They both have this cold, intellectual wall erected in front of them, distancing themselves from relationships, feelings and emotional turmoil. Their arrogance is well known and their keen observational skills allow them to read people and situations with an almost superhuman ability. Even though they are not comfortable with social situations, they have no problem being out there, there is no shyness in them. Life bores them to death, which is why their cases are so important to them; because without them, there is nothing worth doing. Both Sherlock and House find people interesting in a purely clinical way; Sherlock’s interest in reading the agony columns of the newspapers reflects in House’s love for the mundane soap operas. For different reasons they got hooked on drugs, but for both of them it is a way to clear all other things out of their mind so they can focus and function on their field; music plays the same role.

But beyond this, House is not merely a recount of the Sherlock Holmes chronicles. Though used as inspiration, House is his own character beyond Sherlock, and the show’s theme and meaning go beyond that. It is not a methodical procedural show (so common these days), it is a true insight into a troubled man’s soul that enables us to question our moral and emotional grounds through House’s  intimate, personal and professional relationships. Beyond a sharp, caustic, asocial scientist, there is a soul that has been so worn down by life that it is just barely hanging on to hope.


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